Food Delivery From Your Favorite Restaurants in Gainesville

Gainesville, you're known as that sweet spot where culture and nature meet. You're artsy, evolving, welcoming -- and you love to eat. And I bet you'd like your favorite restaurants to come to you. We can do that!

Whether you're looking for sushi in Haile Plantation, New York-style pizza in Tioga, or chicken tikka masala near University, we've got you covered. How about nachos supreme from Celebration Pointe, or breakfast for dinner a la Butler Plaza? Got you thinking yet?

Oh, and if you're looking for late-night snacks from old school downtown Gainesville -- whether that’s cookies, mozzarella sticks, or even a root beer float -- we can handle that, too. Order online.


149 Restaurants. Order minimums & booking fees vary by distance from restaurant.

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